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Our Services

Aware of the high profile that school meals continuously achieves, and passionate about food, service and education, our high levels of skill and professionalism give you the confidence to concentrate on managing your school, safe in the knowledge that your reputation is in good hands.

It is important that your lunch time is tailored to meet the exact needs of your particular school. By offering a range of varied service options, Riverside Catering can ensure that you achieve the best possible fit.

We view management support as priority under any contract. It is the key function that schools wish to purchase. Consequently we have structured the management team to provide you with easy access to an experienced Catering Manager.

We are an organisation with sound business acumen. Delivering quality is a continuous process. Our locally based managers are consistently on hand to provide the close operational and financial management support that your school meals service demands. It is only by doing this that we ensure maximum quality and efficiency at minimum cost. Our open book policy ensures that, at every stage, you know exactly what you are paying for.

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No surprises. No hidden costs.

To discuss the level of service that you require please contact us.

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Catering for every need

Medical and Special Diets

We are able to supply a wide range of medical and cultural diets. We have robust processes in place for arranging their supply and delivery.

Staff Room Service

For those school staff too busy to stop for lunch, a range of freshly-made sandwiches and delicious cold treats can be pre-ordered.

After School Clubs

Held under refrigeration until required, we can supply a range of delicious sandwiches, chilled fruit juices or water-based drinks along with an individual home-made cake or yoghurt. Disposable plates, napkins and, when necessary, cutlery is provided.

School Trips

The responsibility to provide a free meal to each child entitled applies equally when out on school trips. Ensure that every pupil enjoys a healthy, nutritious and delicious packed lunch by ordering them directly from your Cook. This service is available to all pupils – free and paid.

Breakfast Clubs

It has been suggested that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet it is the meal most regularly missed by children. Studies have shown that eating breakfast can improve a child’s problem solving abilities, memory, concentration levels, visual perception and creative thinking. Punctuality and school attendance can also improve.

A nourishing breakfast may mean that children are tempted to reduce their intake of confectionery. We can encourage your pupils to enjoy the benefits of a healthy breakfast by providing a breakfast service at your school if required.